Steam Coal


Calorific Value Generally ranges between 5500 to 7500 kcal/kg, indicating high calorific content
Sulfur Content Usually at low levels, often below 1% to minimize environmental impact
Ash Content Varies between 5% to 15%
Moisture Content Generally low, often below 5%


Electricity production and the cement industry typically prefer high-calorific coal. The coal used for electricity generation is usually referred to as thermal coal or 'Steam Coal'. These coals have a high calorific value and are used for steam generation in electricity production.The cement industry also favors high-calorific coal. These coals are used for cement production at high temperatures. Thermal coals are essential in cement kilns to expedite reactions at high temperatures and produce cement clinker.

Both industries typically prefer coal with low sulfur and moisture content to reduce environmental impact and enhance process efficiency. These coals represent the most suitable and efficient options for energy and cement production.